Donald Trump

Wyclef Jean blasts Trump’s plan to deport Haitians: ‘You’re sending them back to die’

"We need to make sure our people do not get deported back."
In Music by Carl Lamarre / Billboard / December 1, 2017

Trump thinks a government shutdown would be cool as hell

Nobody else thinks this.
In Politics by April Siese / November 30, 2017

Scarborough: Trump allies told me he has ‘early stages of dementia’

This is what happens when you imply that the host of a news show murdered his intern.
In News by Jennifer M. Wood / November 30, 2017

Trump tags wrong Theresa May in petty tweet

We're all doomed.
In News by Jordan Freiman / November 30, 2017

Trump did a racist impression of Asian leaders during tax reform speech

"They looked like this. You know what this is?"
In News by Tosten Burks / November 29, 2017

Trump shares anti-Muslim videos from far-right UK nationalist

The woman Trump retweeted was found guilty of religiously motivated harassment in 2016.
In News by Jordan Freiman / November 29, 2017

Donald Trump taunts NBC over Matt Lauer’s sexual misconduct allegations

The president won’t stand for sexual assault — unless he’s the one being accused of it.
In News by Jennifer M. Wood / November 29, 2017

Trump vows to ‘take care of’ NK nuclear threat, bitches about Pelosi and Schumer

The president was way more animated talking about his personal grudges than protecting the U.S. from a nuclear war.
In News by Maggie Serota / November 28, 2017

Reminder: Al Franken thought Anthony Weiner resigning was the ‘right thing to do’

“There was all this visual evidence that was unpleasant to see.”
In News by Jennifer M. Wood / November 28, 2017

Schumer and Pelosi ditch meeting after Trump talks shit about them

The negotiator-in-chief strikes again!
In Politics by Jordan Freiman / November 28, 2017

‘Access Hollywood’ says the Trump pussy-grabbing tape ‘is very real’

Despite what the president may be telling people in his orbit.
In News by Jennifer M. Wood / November 28, 2017
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