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Rainbow Jackson eats money and shotguns beers with friends in ‘Anthony’

Sounds like a decent Friday night to me.
In Music by Andrew Poitras / April 23, 2014

Youngblood Hawke drops first single in over a year

After more than a year in between releases, Los Angeles rock syndicate Youngblood Hawke have returned with their new single, "Pressure." Sonically,  the offering is quite a departure from the sugary smash that put the band on the map. "We Come Running," which was undoubtedly written on a diet of sunshine and lollipops, cemented the…
In Music by Andrew Poitras / April 8, 2014

5 tips on breaking into music licensing

California indie rockers Saint Motel give us the rundown.
In Music by Andrew Poitras / August 16, 2013

The fate of the foot: chronicling LA’s most famous magical sign

The spinning sign, with a happy side and a sad side, has been written about by David Foster Wallace and Jonathem Lethem and according to lore which side you see first determines the fate of your day. I kept track for 5 days to see how accurate it is.
In Entertainment by Alan Hanson / November 8, 2012

Live review: The power of Andrew WK

Last night I ventured into the abysmal depths of The Echoplex, The Echo’s sluttier sister basement venue, to see Andrew WK play the two year anniversary of Check Yo Ponytail 2.
In Music by Alan Hanson / November 7, 2012