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Car with dead body of a man missing for ten years visible on Google Maps

It was first spotted by a funeral home.
In News by Joe Veix / November 13, 2015

The Loch Ness Monster can now be found on Google Maps

It's totally real. We Googled it.
In News by Stefan Sirucek / April 21, 2015

Abbey Road Studios opens virtual interactive tour

Filled with videos, photos and even some interactive equipment, you can take a detailed tour of Abbey Road studios from the comfort of your own couch.
In Music by Joel Freimark / April 16, 2015

Drive around like a maniac in this Google Maps driving sim

It's reminiscent of the early 2D versions of "Grand Theft Auto," except you can't shoot anyone or steal any cars. Yet.
In Entertainment by Joe Veix / February 17, 2015

Is this Creepypasta story about Google Maps the future of horror fiction?

Google Maps has been uncovering a new dimension of reality since it came online. There will soon be a new niche of horror fiction based on this new alternate reality.
In Entertainment by Emma del Valle / March 14, 2014

The breathtaking satellite memorial of UTA Flight 772

18 years after the crash, family members gathered at the site deep in the desert, and created one of the first memorial sites tailor-made for the internet age.
In News by Joe Veix / November 4, 2013

Google Maps Nearly Kills Woman

The other day I was driving from "Lawn Guyland" to NYC, and was psyched to be getting there with the help of my shiny new iPhone. I have a perchant for getting lost, so Google Maps was helpful, although halfway through the trip I realized manually written directions would have been easier to look at…
In News by Amy Laviero / June 4, 2010