homeless people

NYPD union starts Flickr account mocking the homeless

Nothing gets a cop's dick hard like kicking a man when he's down.
In News by Jamie Peck / August 12, 2015

Man jacks off in Port-a-Potty, homeless people push it over

And you thought Portland was all vegan cupcakes and putting birds on things.
In News by Jamie Peck / June 4, 2015

Would you believe it’s way cheaper to house the homeless than to leave them on the streets?

It costs Florida taxpayers $31,065 to leave a homeless person on the street, $10,050 to shelter them.
In News by Robyn Pennacchia / May 27, 2014

Taco Bell manager allegedly ordered employee to lock a homeless man in a dumpster

The man was trapped inside the dumpster for over an hour before police arrived
In News by Robyn Pennacchia / February 11, 2014

Feeding the homeless could lead to arrest in North Carolina now

Several charity groups have been threatened with jail time for feeding the homeless in Raleigh's public parks.
In News by Robyn Pennacchia / August 26, 2013

SCOTUS rules that homeless people can have stuff

Did not realize it was up for debate.
In News by Robyn Pennacchia / June 25, 2013