Jenny Hval

Watch Jenny Hval’s beautifully disturbing ‘Conceptual Romance’ video (NSFW)

Being a woman is hard and weird and scary.
In Music by Jamie Peck / August 31, 2016

Bathing in noise and spawning alien babies at Basilica Soundscape

In which a candy-flipping swamp witch takes on the world's most highbrow music festival.
In Music by Jamie Peck / September 15, 2015

Jenny Hval shares eerie, experimental video for ‘Sabbath’

"It would be easy to think about submission, but I don't think its about submission."
In Music by Jamie Peck / July 23, 2015

Jenny Hval shares video for ‘That Battle Is Over’

It features Melissa Auf der Maur and child.
In Music by Jamie Peck / May 6, 2015