Medical news website retracts pro-pharma op-ed after author revealed to be in Big Pharma’s pocket

The author claims he didn't even write the post.
In News by Alex Thomas / September 7, 2017

Sebastian Gorka spent the weekend doxxing a blogger

Good use of taxpayer money.
In News by Tosten Burks / August 21, 2017

BuzzFeed to allow editors to work with advertising

Their editorial standards and ethics guide has been updated.
In News by Sara Morrison / November 6, 2015

Internal investigation reveals Brian Williams lied to you at least 11 times

At least one new lie that was previously unknown has been found.
In News by Jordan Freiman / April 26, 2015

Newscaster swallows fly live on TV

In News by Joe Veix / July 15, 2014

Fugitive arrested after appearing in newspaper’s opinion section

It turns out cops still read newspapers.
In News by Joe Veix / July 8, 2014

Talking with Alana Levinson, creater of ‘Stevie Zine’

The first issue of the zine includes features on super burritos, a female gun club, and naked hot tubbing—topics wonderfully askew from what most of us have been trained to expect from more corporate women's magazines.
In News by Joe Veix / June 13, 2014

‘Fun as Hell’ — an ardent reminder for journalists

From L.J. Kummer's Kindle Single.
In Entertainment by Brian Abrams / May 30, 2013

An old man slips on a hardwood floor and the video goes viral

Just click here to watch an old man fall down.
In Entertainment by Ned Hepburn / March 15, 2013

What your favorite movies would look like with no noses

We've got your nose, "Spiderman," "Mary Poppins," and others.
In Entertainment by Ned Hepburn / October 19, 2012

Twitter Newsroom Is a 101 Course for New-School Journalism

The social media giant is now spelling out its journalistic usefulness to skeptical curmudgeons.
In News by Matt Kiebus / June 28, 2011

How To Approach 25 Basic Manners as a 24-Year-Old Blogger

An extremely pessimistic and sarcastic account of 25 manners every 9-year-old should know.
In News by Matt Kiebus / May 11, 2011

Journalism: The Degree that Keeps on Giving Us a Reason to Drink

Attention Graduating Class of 2011: If you’re insecure and your major is on the following list, grab a drink and reevaluate your life for a couple minutes with me.
In News by Matt Kiebus / April 28, 2011
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