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Koch brother spent $5 million killing green energy project because it’ll interrupt his ocean view

As if the Koch family didn't get its fair share of evil with the brothers David and Charles, Bill Koch has spent upwards of $5 million dollars blocking a major green energy initiative because it'll block his view.
In News by Alex Moore / October 23, 2013

On Anniversary of Rosa Parks’ Arrest, a Question About Occupy’s Next Move

Are boycotts the logical next step for Occupy Wall Street?
In News by Andrew Belonsky / December 1, 2011

Forbes 400 Issue Released to Middle Class Chagrin

The nation's wealthiest are worth $1.5 trillion combined, a 12% increase from 2010. If you would just wait a goddamn minute, the nation's disappearing middle class will scrounge up the internet bill money to read this article.
In News by Kevin Pinner / September 23, 2011

Anonymous Hacks Koch Brothers-Funded Americans for Prosperity Website

Anonymous gives the Koch Brothers a little dose of real grassroots activism.
In News by DJ Pangburn / February 28, 2011

The Koch Brothers May Be In Your House Right Now

Liberals would love to wipe their bums with David and Charles Koch, the conservative businessmen who helped fund and elevate the Tea Party. Well, turns out they can...
In News by Andrew Belonsky / February 22, 2011