Forever 21 employee sues after footage from hidden bathroom camera ends up on porn sites

And you thought all the country’s perverts were either on TV or sitting in the Oval Office!
In News by Jennifer M. Wood / November 30, 2017

Anchor Kelly Wright joins the racial discrimination lawsuit against Fox News

The African-American anchor joins 12 other plaintiffs alleging discrimination and harassment.
In News by April Siese / April 25, 2017

Trump wins golf course piss tape lawsuit against Scottish granny

The other Trump piss tape story comes to a close.
In News by Drew Salisbury / April 5, 2017

Jeff Bezos backs Washington state attorney general’s Trump lawsuit

The Amazon CEO continues his quest to compensate for guilt over wealth.
In News by Kenny Herzog / January 31, 2017

President-elect to settle lawsuit over fraudulent university so he doesn’t get impeached

Trump previously said he would never settle the case.
In News by Drew Salisbury / November 18, 2016

Billy Bush wants to sue NBC over leaked ‘pussygate’ tape

Bush is mad someone leaked the tape after he told them about it.
In News by Drew Salisbury / October 12, 2016

Trump could face defamation lawsuit after Miss Universe tweets

You'd think someone so litigious would know better.
In News by Drew Salisbury / September 30, 2016

Vice is suing the IRS to get audits of Trump’s tax returns

They're also suing the FBI, because why not?
In Politics by Drew Salisbury / September 14, 2016

New lawsuit against Fox News: It’s a ‘sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-like cult’

Bad boy Bill O'Reilly apparently hasn't learned his lesson.
In News by Drew Salisbury / August 23, 2016

Hillary Clinton is being sued by the parents of two Benghazi victims

They managed to combine Benghazi and the emails into one big scandal.
In News by Jordan Freiman / August 8, 2016

Former staffer ‘insulted’ that Trump is only suing him for $10 million

It doesn’t make him “look that good” if “I can only cause $10 million in damages.”
In News by Drew Salisbury / July 26, 2016
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