pokemon go

The alt-right is trying to recruit children via the ‘Pokémon Go Nazi Challenge’

Clearly, Pikachu has fallen in with the wrong crowd.
In Politics by Jamie Peck / September 9, 2016

As Pokémon Go users flee, a gay porn parody arrives

Oh, look, a Buttplugosaur. 
In News by Sophie Saint Thomas / September 2, 2016

Pokémon Go lost 15 million active users in a month

One-third of users decided they don't actually want to catch 'em all.
In News by Chelsea Hassler / August 24, 2016

Woman tells police she was raped by a Pokémon

Pikachu, how could you?
In News by Jamie Peck / August 12, 2016

In New York, sex offenders banned from playing Pokémon Go

Data shows too many pikachus are unknowlingly hanging out with convicted pedophiles.
In News by Sophie Saint Thomas / August 1, 2016

This dude playing Pokémon Go pissed all over a toddler

"When he headbutted my goolies, I pissed a lot."
In News by Sophie Saint Thomas / July 29, 2016

Werner Herzog on Pokémon Go: ‘Is there murder?’

"Do they bite each other's hands? Do they punch each other?"
In News by Drew Salisbury / July 28, 2016

Hundreds of people flood into Central Park to catch one of those Pokemon things

Somebody is going to get trampled eventually.
In News by Jordan Freiman / July 16, 2016
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