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Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 10 Million Solar Roofs Act of 2011 headed for a Senate vote

The wily "socialist" is up to no good again.
In Politics by DJ Pangburn / January 12, 2012

Bernie Sanders’ Leak Causes Oil Speculators to Whine About Their Exposed Racket

Last Thursday, Senator Bernie Sanders leaked documents relating to oil speculation to the Wall Street Journal, then posted the same to his website. Now oil futures traders (speculators) are complaining that they can't do their jobs when everyone knows their secret schemes.
In Politics by DJ Pangburn / August 23, 2011

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Debt Limit Package: ‘Grossly Unfair’ and ‘Bad Economic Policy’

Senator Bernie Sanders will not be voting for the debt limit package.
In Politics by DJ Pangburn / August 1, 2011

Bernie Sanders Battles the Koch Brothers’ Anti-Social Security Campaign (Video)

The Koch Brothers are systematically attempting to kill social security through think tank position papers and getting "experts" on television programs to spew their propaganda. Bernie Sanders has teamed with Brave New Films to expose it.
In Politics by DJ Pangburn / June 22, 2011