tax returns

Town hall boos Sen. Tom Cotton for defending Trump’s failure to disclose taxes

Everyone knows the audit excuse is bullshit.
In News by Tosten Burks / April 17, 2017

Matt Gaetz may have sealed fate by calling for Trump tax returns

First-term congressman, we hardly knew ye.
In Politics by Kenny Herzog / February 24, 2017

Senator Chris Murphy vows to find ‘explanation’ for Trump’s ‘bizarre positioning on Russia’

Is it possible Trump's tax returns might explain why he's letting Putin cuck him six ways to Sunday?
In Politics by Jamie Peck / February 15, 2017 petitions demand Trump release his tax returns

With Donald Trump taking over as President of the United States, if you ever gave any thought to the future "We the People," you probably figured he was dropping it. Well, so far, he hasn't...
In News by David Bixenspan / January 20, 2017

Trump may have skipped out on paying federal income taxes for 18 years

Documents obtained by the New York Times show Trump declared a loss of $916 million in 1995.
In News by Jordan Freiman / October 2, 2016

Mike Pence releases tax returns

Trump still has not and the towel charm business is not profitable.
In Politics by Sophie Saint Thomas / September 9, 2016

The one joke Trump forbid at his Comedy Central roast sheds light on his tax returns

But he was totally cool with incest jokes about Ivanka.
In Politics by Sophie Saint Thomas / August 3, 2016