Interview: Nick Cave at Austin City Limits

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Walmart sells racist Middle-Eastern Halloween costume

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NoPhone, a phone that literally does nothing, doubles Kickstarter goal

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Residents of Louisville, Kentucky were treated to quite possibly the spookiest weather report of all time.

In Marion County, Florida, a hungry 32-year-old allegedly attempted to shoplift a television from a Walmart location on Friday.

New York Times called the film that’s likely to win ‘so poorly executed and so unfunny that no one involved with it should ever be allowed to work in the movies again.

That’s like, 7,500 pumpkin spice lattes.

A US District Judge ruled that the plagiarism lawsuit over Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” does have enough merit to go to trial and will do so early next year.

Think of this as a metaphor for your hangover the morning after Halloween.

In case you’re sick and tired of going as the same old “Mexican kid” or “Chinese aunt” for Halloween, you’re in luck. Walmart understands.

Nick Cave discussed how he got into music (he was a failed painter) and his inspirations (surprise, the ever-gloomy Leonard Cohen tops the list).

Not that kind of all-male clubs. It’s Lindsey Graham.

If Vladimir Putin can thrust his man-boobs in the internet’s face, why not your run-of-the-mill female talk show host?

‘i’ seems like a theme song tailer made for King James himself.

“Go directly to jail.

Concern troll mom says Kim Kardashian can’t make baby clothes, because she’s a slut.

This is our Tienanmen Square.