John Kasich and 2 Chainz discuss Georgia politics on ‘The View’

Kasich also bragged about being friends with Bono.
In News by Winston Cook-Wilson / Spin / May 24, 2017

NATO avoiding the whole Russia thing to curry Trump’s favor

Officials just want POTUS to commit to defending NATO allies.
In News by Tosten Burks / May 24, 2017

This Trump habit shows just how technologically hopeless he is

It really explains so much about his policies.
In News by Tim Donnelly / May 24, 2017

Devout Catholic Sean Spicer not invited to meet the Pope

Everybody else got to go to the Vatican. Not Spicey, though.
In News by Drew Salisbury / May 24, 2017

Playmate Dani Mathers pleads no contest to posting creepshot of nude woman at gym

Mathers will be on probation for three years and cannot take pics of people or post them online without their permission.
In News by Associated Press / May 24, 2017

Hoax-peddling news network declares harassment victim’s allegations a hoax

Andrea Tantaros accused Fox News of retaliating against her for reporting Roger Ailes's sexual misconduct.

Trump Organization not tracking foreign payments at its hotels

Gonna make it kind of hard for them to donate them to the Treasury.
In News by Drew Salisbury / May 24, 2017

40 pro-Trumpcare Republicans revealed to own lots of healthcare stock

They earned more than $2 million off investments in the companies that benefit from the bill.
In Politics by Tim Donnelly / May 24, 2017

Trump praised the president of the Philippines for straight up murdering drug suspects

On a phone call, POTUS also bragged about the location of nuclear submarines, for good measure.
In Politics by Tim Donnelly / May 24, 2017

Melania told Cool Pope that she feeds Donald ‘pizza.’ Or maybe she said ‘potizza.’

We’re gonna need a special counsel to get to the bottom of this. Can someone call Guy Fieri?
In News by Jennifer M. Wood / May 24, 2017
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