Interview: Nick Cave at Austin City Limits

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‘Duck Dynasty’ star is pretty sure America is just like Nazi Germany now

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NoPhone, a phone that literally does nothing, doubles Kickstarter goal

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In case you’re sick and tired of going as the same old “Mexican kid” or “Chinese aunt” for Halloween, you’re in luck. Walmart understands.

Nick Cave discussed how he got into music (he was a failed painter) and his inspirations (surprise, the ever-gloomy Leonard Cohen tops the list).

Not that kind of all-male clubs. It’s Lindsey Graham.

If Vladimir Putin can thrust his man-boobs in the internet’s face, why not your run-of-the-mill female talk show host?

‘i’ seems like a theme song tailer made for King James himself.

“Go directly to jail.

Concern troll mom says Kim Kardashian can’t make baby clothes, because she’s a slut.

This is our Tienanmen Square.

The party was promoted by urging denizens of the college town to come immediately for “decontamination and quarantine” and, presumably, drink specials.

Scientists loaded Voyager 1 with a document called The Golden Record—an auditory account of life on earth, including greetings in different languages as well as music.

Tad more unpatriotic than Kanye saying Gorge W.

A bro wants to invoke the bone chilling terror of the supernatural without having to deprive the world of his sick, sick pythons.

Jack Name will be touring this spring with Thee Oh Sees in support of his second full length LP ‘Weird Moons.

PJ Harvey was enlisted to make BBC’s Peaky Blinders more British and combat claims it’d become too Americanized.