Simian Mobile Disco dazzled Los Angeles with a live performance of ‘Whorl’

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Quiz: Do you have Ebola?

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Netflix Instant streaming additions and purges for October

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“I love you all,” Morgan said. “I’m fighting hard every day to get back.

As far as we know, it will not actually be held in a treehouse.

The couple has been dating for one year and has dropped roughly £20,000 on five different sex dolls.

Once again making himself look like an old curmudgeon, Gene Simmons claimed nobody could name “5 truly iconic bands since 1988.” So we did.

Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr gets ready to head out on tour, and celebrates with a new single.

It’s not exactly stylish—you’ll pretty much look like a some kind of futuristic Sleep Wizard.

Governor Jerry Brown signs ‘Gun Restraining Order Bill’ which allows family members to have guns seized from relatives that pose a danger to themselves or others.

Maybe Prince still hates the internet?

The group, photographed by The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, was found 700 miles north west of Anchorage, 5 miles north of Point Lay, at the top of Alaska.

You can also name the disease. You can call it something like “Leaky Ass” so the game will say “Leaky Ass has infected China,” or “Leaky Ass spreads to Russia.

When police asked the Florida woman if she had been drinking, she replied, “Obviously.

Some of us have traveled a long way, Morello said — He’s from Kenya! I’m from the 90′s!

She couldn’t wait for the draw bridge to lower, so she jumped the fucking thing,

Joey Bada$$ doesn’t even have a full-length album out yet, but he’s already gone from living with his mom in Brooklyn to transmogrifying into godlike form in his new video for “Christ Conscious.