Sia donates jar of her breath to charity

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Rapper’s wife shuts down show after he gives cocaine to crowd

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NoPhone, a phone that literally does nothing, doubles Kickstarter goal

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Knight and Comedian Katt Williams were arrested separately for allegedly stealing a paparazzo’s camera on September 5.

You know, because the whole thing about Nazi Germany is that they didn’t let anyone discriminate against other people.

Despite mishaps and miscues Beach Goth III delivered the Halloween party that Orange County kids wanted… nay deserved.

Next spring, students in the University of Pennsylvania’s Creative Writing Program will do do what college students do best: waste time on the internet.

The US Forest Service issued an advisory not to risk death for bear selfies.

It’s the heist of the century.

Facebook posted strong third-quarter earnings on Tuesday evening.

William “Third Eagle of the Apocalypse” Tapley analyzes a One Direction video he believes was created by the Illuminati.

He was actually a drug mule, and hadn’t been to Nigeria in over four years.

We can’t wait to see how he raises the costume bar next year.

In a year when we’ve seen Willie Nelson’s hair and John Lennon’s teeth sold and auctioned, Sia has joined with her own odd contribution: her breath.

British singer-songwriter FKA twigs has had a breakout year with her debut full-length “LP1″ getting nominated for a Mercury Prize.

“The rape threats indicate that we are hitting a nerve,” said Hollaback director Emily May.