Prince disappears from social media

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Two Black Friday shoppers have already been in line almost a month

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Man’s 4-year-headache turns out to be tapeworm living in his brain

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Yes, Vicky Torres and her friend Juanita Alva are spending a full month camped out in line for Black Friday.

It just might be the the greatest protest song of the ’60s—certainly the most fun.

Considering the bleak state of the world, this excessively cute video suddenly seems like a brave public service.

In Hooksett, New Hampshire, a 21-year-old was arrested on Sunday after a game of Monopoly didn’t go her way.

Even when brandishing a gun, it’s hard to command the right amount of fear and intimidation when you roll into a business looking like Bruno Mars.

Creed frontman Scott Stapp released a bizarre 15-minute video, revealing that he’s now homeless and broke.

The staff apparently knew what was going on right away when the stoned party-goers filed into the emergency room.

Siberian Times quotes airport chief Maxim Aksyonov as saying, “Most likely, the plane’s passengers, oil workers, decided to do a kind of ‘selfie’.

The Phunky Elephant restaurant in Staten Island is making some apologies after customers complained about a dessert cocktail called the “Roofie Colada.

That’s right: there was an Atari game inspired by “Porky’s.” So now you know.

Here’s the stuff to watch to avoid your family.

Braxton recently granted an interview in which he defended his uncle and his uncle’s legacy against these “unjust” claims.

He could face life in prison.