Prince disappears from social media

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Two Black Friday shoppers have already been in line almost a month

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Man’s 4-year-headache turns out to be tapeworm living in his brain

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To convince them to go to church, they hope to bribe them with fast food cheeseburgers.

However, his time in shower beer Eden came to an abrupt end when the warm water warped the plastic, allowing for his testicles to slip through the slats, effectively making him a captive in a soapy pr

Alleged rapist Bill Cosby is being shunned by two Massachusetts-based universities.

Obscure, seemingly unwanted sequels have been a cornerstone of the direct-to-video era, with everything from “Mean Girls 2” to “American Pie: The Naked Mile” to a fifth installment of “Home

If you must someone to fuck off, say it with cats in bow-ties!

Sales of vinyl crossed the one million mark in 2014, marking the first time it’s done so since 1998.

She’s a little young to be having a full-blown existential crisis.

On Friday, Walt Disney World released the teaser for “Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens,” and here it is.

As long as people are willing to beat the living hell out of each other to save a few bucks on a new computer monitor or pair of Victoria’s Secret undies, Black Friday isn’t going anywhere.

It basically translates to: “Fuck all of you.

Yes, Vicky Torres and her friend Juanita Alva are spending a full month camped out in line for Black Friday.

It just might be the the greatest protest song of the ’60s—certainly the most fun.

Considering the bleak state of the world, this excessively cute video suddenly seems like a brave public service.