Video: Was Billie Joe Armstrong wasted while performing at the iheartradio festival?

In Music by Ned Hepburn / September 25, 2012

This video of Green Day’s now infamous set at the iheartradio show in Las Vegas last Friday shows front man Billie Joe Armstrong slurring his way through a drunken sounding monologue about “pop motherfuckers” and “this ain’t Reno, motherfuckers” and “WE COME HERE [Vegas] TO LIVE! WE COME HERE TO SIN!” Pretty cool stuff coming from the front man of a Top 40 band. Maybe he’s drinking because he realizes he’s become what he spent his younger days completely railing against at Berkley’s 924 Gilman scene where Green Day started out. The singer has since gone into rehab. All funny(?) stuff aside: whatever he’s going through, we hope he gets better. Like ‘em or not, Green Day can still write an insanely catchy song when they want to.

The good stuff starts at around 4:00…