Why is Google assembling a robot army?

Dec 4, 2013

While many this week are busy talking about Amazon and its plans to use drones to fire product-missles directly into our homes, Google has quietly made creepier plans: to build a robot army.

According to the Times, in the previous six months, Google has acquired seven tech companies in order to build a new generation of robots. The effort will be lead by Andy Rubin, who previously built Google’s Android software.

But why? It’s not to seize control of the government or wage war on humanity, or anything really that interesting. Analysts say it’s likely just an underwhelming effort to make and ship products faster. One prediction is that robots will be delivering packages to your doorstep, after arriving via a self-driving car.

This also means automating the few remaining sections of the supply chain that still offer low-wage jobs to humans (albeit brutal jobs, thanks largely to internet commerce, that pay very little and destroy your soul).

Who knows what most of our places will be in Google’s future techno-utopia, and if there will be any non-tech-related jobs left. But, hey, robots are pretty cool so who cares, right?

h/t New York Times

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