David Spade questions Colbert’s move to CBS

On Wednesday’s “The Howard Stern Show,” David Spade made an appearance to plug his new comedy special, and, as most comedians (or anyone else) naturally do on Stern’s program, they got stuck in a conversation about the late night wars.

Spade, who has witnessed up close more than a couple generations of network talk shows unfold, said that the “SNL” alum shared his reluctance toward CBS’s decision to hire Stephen Colbert as David Letterman’s replacement–not because he in any way doubts Colbert’s talents. “The Colbert Report” is humming along nicely at Comedy Central. Why ruin a good thing?

“It’s hard,” Spade told Stern. “It’s like when you see a baseball player and they trade teams and they clank on the [new] team. Sometimes just the exact lightning of where you are works. I won’t say he won’t do well, but sometimes you see [stuff like] that happen and you go, ‘You just … you had it perfect.'”

Spade went on to pay respects to Letterman, who he believed in no way should continue his tenure at “Late Show” and totally understood why the man decided to abandon the desk in 2015. “Those talk show wars are real,” Spade continued. “It’s worse now than it was. In the old days, like Carson and whoever, they would fight over, like, Harrison Ford–or whoever got the best guest. That was the end [of the fight], and the guests would sit there and tell their stories.

“But now you get a guest and then … what do you do with them? And Jimmy [Fallon] and Jimmy Kimmel also do really fun things. And it’s a whole new world. And, as much as I love Letterman to death–honestly out of all of them, my favorite–that’s just not his thing. I don’t think he wants to start doing that. I think it is probably a good time to stop, even though I fuckin’ love him. But he doesn’t want to get into videos and viral shit and all this shit that you have to do and make Anne Hathaway sing and rap.”

To be fair, it doesn’t seem that hard to get Hathaway to rap.

source: “The Howard Stern Show” on Sirius/XM/photo via