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For more than 20 years, Joel has been writing and ranting about all things music related. Genre rarely matters as long as it's good music, and for those who need more of Joel, he hosts a radio show, podcast and webseries - all about music.

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John Kasich calls The Roots ‘offensive drivel’

He threw the album out the window.
In Music by Joel Freimark / July 31, 2015

Happy Birthday copyright may have expired in 1922

The copyright brings in millions of dollars each year in royalty payments, but may have been public domain the entire time.
In Music by Joel Freimark / July 29, 2015

Dave Grohl-Corey Taylor supergroup stream new album

Featuring a laundry list of iconic guest performers, the wonderfully heavy record is available to stream in full.
In Music by Joel Freimark / July 24, 2015

Madonna compares herself to Picasso – is actually more like expired milk

If Madonna’s last four records had been released by anyone other than Madonna, that artist would have been dropped from their label.
In Music by Joel Freimark / July 23, 2015

Neil Young damages the future of music by pulling his catalog

Without access to his songs, what genre defining and defying artists will we never hear from?
In Music by Joel Freimark / July 15, 2015

Fugitives tracked down in Mexico thanks to Spotify account

Note to would-be fugitives: the new Lil Wayne album or season of Orange Is The New Black could be your downfall!
In News by Joel Freimark / July 14, 2015

BBC bans Neil Young, The Doors from airwaves

Not one single flippin' note. Sorry.
In Music by Joel Freimark / July 10, 2015

Facebook to enter streaming music game

Facebook is set to launch their own music steaming service shortly after they introduce ads before videos on the site.
In Music by Joel Freimark / July 9, 2015

Finland to refund fans for bad gigs

Finland passed a law allowing fans to get ticket refunds if the performer puts on a sub-par show.
In Music by Joel Freimark / July 6, 2015

Prince pulls catalog from everywhere but Tidal

The Purple One has been slowly retreating back into Princeworld, where digital music and delivery systems don't exist.
In Music by Joel Freimark / July 2, 2015

Trent Reznor defends music piracy, talks Nine Inch Nails hiatus

The guy once known as Trent has completed his corporate transformation into Mister Reznor.
In Music by Joel Freimark / July 1, 2015

Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea trade blows

When you’re a young performer facing the realization that you’re a “Where Are They Now” in the making, you’ll blame anyone to slow your inevitable irrelevance.
In Music by Joel Freimark / June 30, 2015

Sean Hannity says rap lyrics as bad as Confederate Flag

Even at its worst, rap music is still light years from a culture that prides itself on institutionalized hatred and a history of owning other humans.
In Music by Joel Freimark / June 29, 2015

Kanye West calls angry fans ‘an insult to music’

Chances are, Kayne West will just use all of the hatred to deliver a fantastic performance at Glastonbury Festival.
In Music by Joel Freimark / June 26, 2015

Taylor Swift shoves Apple from pedestal

Taylor Swift bluffed like a champion, and Apple had no choice but to fold and agree to her terms, thus admitting it is no longer untouchable.
In Music by Joel Freimark / June 22, 2015

British court overturns ‘personal copying’ music law

To those wondering why the music industry continues to struggle, this ruling is just another clear finger as to how out of touch the entire industry remains.
In Music by Joel Freimark / June 19, 2015

Court awards Beastie Boys $668k from Monster Energy

A judge made the award after stating that the Beastie Boys took the “Cadillac Escalade” approach to litigation as opposed to the “Honda Civic” route.
In Music by Joel Freimark / June 18, 2015

Music industry moves global release day to Friday

The industry group has decided to focus on "increasing impulse buying" as opposed to nurturing talented acts that people would WANT to buy.
In Music by Joel Freimark / June 12, 2015

Song Premiere: Patrick Dennis, ‘Hit Of You’

Calling it "dirty rock and roll with melody," Dennis brings a killer tune to blast all summer.
In Music by Joel Freimark / June 11, 2015

Apple Music offers nothing new because it doesn’t have to

Apple added a few new buttons and whistles onto a proven success of a product, because they really didn't need to do more to win.
In Music by Joel Freimark / June 8, 2015

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