Prince’s ‘Simpsons’ episode that never was

Show runner Al Jean indicated why Prince may have turned it down.
By: David Bixenspan / April 26, 2016

Amy Schumer wants to ensure that everyone knows about J-Law peeing in bidets

You indeed will be watching a video of Schumer watching a video of J-Law.
By: Lauren Evans / April 25, 2016

Cast for ‘Twin Peaks’ reboot finally revealed

It's *weird.* Let's investigate.
By: Lauren Evans / April 25, 2016

Memphis Grizzlies mascot slams Spurs mascot through a table

This was by far the most athletic and impressive thing that happened for the Grizzlies last night.
By: Jordan Freiman / April 23, 2016

Chyna posed a physical threat to male wrestlers, but nobody would hit her back

After Prince died, her talents and contributions were all but forgotten in a matter of hours.
By: David Bixenspan / April 22, 2016

‘Purple Rain’ — the last great rock movie

Prince’s 1984 masterwork closed the book on an entire genre.
By: Mike McPadden / April 21, 2016

Chelsea Handler shares headless nude photo for Maria Sharapova’s birthday

Handler makes creative use of a bonsai tree.
By: Maggie Serota / April 21, 2016

Watch the moment this little leaguer’s innocence is shattered by two brawling parents

Things will never go back to the way they were.
By: Drew Salisbury / April 20, 2016

Celebrate 4/20 with ‘The Stoner Puzzle Stash’

It's a book. For learning.
By: Jordan Freiman / April 17, 2016

Julia Louis-Dreyfus revives Elaine Benes for ‘SNL’

Cherish these moments. There won't be many more of them.
By: Jordan Freiman / April 17, 2016

Jared Leto gave his ‘Suicide Squad’ cast the most disgusting gifts possible

Leto thinks he's Daniel-Day Lewis, but with more body fluids and sex toys.
By: Maggie Serota / April 13, 2016

Tiger furious after being woken up from nap

We are all this tiger.
By: Maggie Serota / April 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s subway ride gets the ‘SNL’ treatment

This was the moment that made her human to so many people!
By: Jordan Freiman / April 10, 2016

Comedian pranks subway riders with fake book titles

Have you read "Slut-Shaming Your Baby" yet?
By: Stefan Sirucek / April 7, 2016
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