Conan O’Brien ruins girl’s night to see Magic Mike XXL

Conan is not exactly the target demographic.

By: Jordan Freiman / July 3, 2015

The Rock and Kevin Hart pretend a fight between them wouldn’t end immediately

If The Rock tells you to shut the fuck up, you do it.

By: Jordan Freiman / July 2, 2015

All hail Eric Roberts, king of the music video guest stars

He is always available to guest star in your music video, apparently. …

By: Maggie Serota / July 2, 2015

Shopping cart racing finally gets the documentary it deserves

You won't be able to ride your cart across a shopping center parking lot the same way again.

By: Joe Veix / July 2, 2015

Stephen Colbert releases weird 40-minute Michigan public access show

In which Eminem sings a few Bob Seger songs.

By: Joe Veix / July 1, 2015

Someone please give this drunk teen a bath

That kid got a face full of what looks like backed up toilet water. …

By: Maggie Serota / July 1, 2015

Comedian to drive enormous butt across the country

From cheek to shining cheek.

By: Stefan Sirucek / June 30, 2015

Alex Trebek raps Fresh Prince theme, the whole world shudders

Now this is a story all about how, Alex Trebek's life got flipped-turned upside-down.

By: Joe Veix / June 30, 2015

Man attacks watermelon with sword, destroys table

He claims he was sober.

By: Stefan Sirucek / June 30, 2015

This stoic man and his decapitated Beatles puppets singing ‘Yellow Submarine’ will give you nightmares forever

Sometimes, you just have to build Beatles puppet heads and then sing karaoke.

By: Joe Veix / June 30, 2015

Behold, the real-life Sonic the Hedgehog

Turns out hedgehogs are actually slow as shit.

By: Joe Veix / June 29, 2015

Casting the would-be Lifetime movie about the big-dicked prison escape

Featuring Sam Elliott as the voice of the big dick. …

By: Maggie Serota / June 29, 2015

Here’s the Confederate flag erotica you’ve been itching for

Did the Confederate flag turn Robert E. Lee gay? We're just asking questions.

By: Stefan Sirucek / June 29, 2015

Jackass destroys door of fake Seinfeld set while impersonating Kramer

The most Kramer-esque thing a person could do.

By: Joe Veix / June 25, 2015

And the Oscar for Best Picture goes to Samurai Cat!

The old samurai falls in love with a cat he's supposed to kill …

By: Maggie Serota / June 25, 2015

All the sheep found on Google Street View

Google Sheep View…

By: Joe Veix / June 23, 2015

This weird Giraffe man singing Marvin Gaye will make you the opposite of aroused

"Just a little something for all the lonely long-legged lovelies out there to help you start your week."…

By: Maggie Serota / June 23, 2015
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