Man of Steel with some of the color restored looks way better than the actual movie

The result is Superman wearing an outfit that actually looks blue and red.
By: Jordan Freiman / April 26, 2015

The original Bob’s Burgers pilot was creepy and wonderful

The script is mostly the same as the first episode that ran in 2011, but the animation and character designs are bizarre as hell.
By: Joe Veix / April 25, 2015

Nick Kroll tries real acting in the just okay Adult Beginners

He quit Kroll Show for this?
By: Jamie Peck / April 24, 2015

Parks and Rec band Mouse Rat has a website

They won't let being ficitonal stop them from rocking.
By: Stefan Sirucek / April 22, 2015

Netflix Instant additions and purges for May

You've got your binge-watching cut out for you.
By: Maggie Serota / April 22, 2015

Childhood friend says Mila Kunis stole her chicken

Welcome to a story that's only a story because it has Mila Kunis in it.
By: Stefan Sirucek / April 22, 2015

Amy Schumer skewers rape culture in Friday Night Lights parody

Clear eyes. Full hearts. Don't rape.
By: Maggie Serota / April 22, 2015

A bunch of stoners fail Jimmy Kimmel’s 4/20 pot quiz

In fairness, the stoners did know the answers to the important questions, like the name of Shaggy's sidekick.
By: Maggie Serota / April 21, 2015

Teens mutilate selves to obtain, mock Kylie Jenner’s lips

Take the #KylieJennerChallenge today!
By: Jamie Peck / April 21, 2015

High Maintenance is coming to HBO

News worth lighting up for.
By: Stefan Sirucek / April 20, 2015

If a GoPro commercial took place at a boring office job

Things get really intense when the beat breaks and our hero takes out a calculator to do some ~hard math~.
By: Joe Veix / April 20, 2015

Star Wars sex debate: The case for Max Rebo

Be honest, you'd jump his bones.
By: Jordan Freiman / April 18, 2015

Catholic priest desecrates pants over new Star Wars trailer

This is the most excited a man who will never have sex can be about anything.
By: Stefan Sirucek / April 18, 2015

Why Han definitely got more ass than Lando

Leave it to a guy to guess (inaccurately) what kind of guy ladies drop their panties for.
By: Cher Martinetti / April 17, 2015
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