Here’s Bill Nye making fun of people who tweet dumb things at him

He's not afraid to confront that stupidity head on.

By: Jordan Freiman / August 1, 2015

It’s Friday


By: Stefan Sirucek / July 31, 2015

Man sings touching ballad with his fleshlight (sorta NSFW)

All of our dreams have come true.

By: Jordan Freiman / July 30, 2015

Casting the would-be movie for the Gawker oral history

Today's oral history is tomorrow's Lifetime movie. 

By: Death and Taxes staff / July 29, 2015

Large strong man moves car parked in bike path

He doesn't stick around to receive thanks or congratulations.

By: Jordan Freiman / July 28, 2015

Listen to Andy Kindler’s entire 2015 State of the Industry address

It starts out weird and stays that way.

By: Jordan Freiman / July 26, 2015

We could have lived in a world where Michael Jackson played Jar Jar Binks

Humanity has been robbed of a truly wonderful experience.

By: Jordan Freiman / July 25, 2015

Woman chases clown down ‘up’ escalator after getting hit in face with pie

Watch this video so it releases its demon hold on me. …

By: Jamie Peck / July 25, 2015

Miley Cyrus spends the whole damn day naked on Instagram [NSFW-ish]

Featuring some really trippy Photoshop work. …

By: Maggie Serota / July 24, 2015

Oh hey it’s Michelle Duggar roller skating to ‘YMCA’

Apparently she's down with the Village People's gay agenda.

By: Stefan Sirucek / July 23, 2015

Someone made a gay Thai porn version of Jurassic World

It's way better than the original.

By: Jamie Peck / July 23, 2015

There’s going to be an emoji movie :(

:) :| :/ :( :[   8=============D…

By: Stefan Sirucek / July 23, 2015

Bad golfer kills innocent seagull

RIP seagull.

By: Jordan Freiman / July 23, 2015

President Obama does his final interview with Jon Stewart

"I can't believe you're leaving before me!"…

By: Jordan Freiman / July 21, 2015
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