Tallulah Willis liberates her nipples in series of nude photos

See what this election has you missing?
By: Maggie Serota / October 20, 2016

Jake Tapper’s ‘fuck outta here’ face is the only thing getting me through the election

The CNN anchor doesn't have to open his mouth to let you know when a guest is full of shit.
By: Maggie Serota / October 19, 2016

Teyana Taylor poses nude for Paper Magazine

"You can be superwoman. You can have it all."
By: Maggie Serota / October 18, 2016

Bryce Harper keeps the spirit of Harambe alive with touching bat decal

RIP Harambe, both gorilla and meme.
By: Jordan Freiman / October 13, 2016

‘Dancing with the Stars’ wants to host Billy Bush’s apology tour

Will he dance his way back into America's heart?
By: Jamie Peck / October 13, 2016

‘Breaking Bad’ star Bryan Cranston was once investigated for murder

We knew there was a reason why he was so good as Walter White.
By: James Grebey / October 13, 2016

Amber Rose credits her beautiful skin to frequent masturbation

I'll have what she's having.
By: Maggie Serota / October 12, 2016

Samantha Bee takes on pussy grab-gate with her own vagina monologue

"'Take a Tic Tac and grab 'em by the pussy' is the closest thing to a plan Trump has described this entire election."
By: Jamie Peck / October 11, 2016

Please let Ken Bone change

He's been stuck in that sweater for two days, you ungrateful monsters.
By: Jordan Freiman / October 11, 2016

Jordan Peele’s racial horror movie ‘Get Out’ looks terrifying

So many creepy rich white people.
By: Jamie Peck / October 5, 2016
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