Woody Harrelson quit smoking weed nearly a year ago

He wanted to be more emotionally available.
By: Jamie Peck / March 21, 2017

‘Patti Cake$’ is a festival darling of a film

Festivals tend to reward new takes on the same old tale. "Patti Cake$" fits that bill perfectly.
By: Jonathan Poritsky / March 17, 2017

Check out this clip of Snoop Dogg roasting Donald Trump in 2011

Trump's sense of humor has taken a nosedive.
By: Jamie Peck / March 15, 2017

New doc ‘Nobody Speak’ should have painted Gawker as a more virtuous outlet

People think the journalism they make movies about is the only kind that needs protecting.
By: Jonathan Poritsky / March 15, 2017

Maybe Warner Bros.’ reboot of ‘The Matrix’ will be about Reddit pick-up artists

Will we be forced to explore the inner lives of those twins with the terrible dreadlocks?
By: Jenni Miller / March 15, 2017

Is ‘Missing Richard Simmons’ good journalism? Does it matter?

Do you need to be a "responsible journalist" to produce interesting work?
By: Helen Holmes / March 14, 2017

Frank Oz doesn’t deny that Yoda is going to be in ‘The Last Jedi’

With his hand up Yoda’s bum, one would guess.
By: Jenni Miller / March 14, 2017

The trailer for ‘Veep’ season six will almost make you forget how terrible reality is

Selina Meyer is back, and she’s still a hot mess.
By: Jenni Miller / March 14, 2017

James Franco’s latest is a fictional retelling of the worst movie ever

SXSW loved "The Disaster Artist," which brings the story of "The Room" to life.
By: Jonathan Poritsky / March 13, 2017

‘Person to Person’ is a sprawling collage of life in New York (but in a good way)

After six years, director Dustin Guy Defa ("Bad Fever") returns to the SXSW Film Festival.
By: Jonathan Poritsky / March 11, 2017
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