Ben Affleck is reportedly trying to get out of playing Batman

"He doesn't want to be Batman anymore."
By: Maggie Serota / February 14, 2017

Kate McKinnon’s Jeff Sessions joined Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer on ‘SNL’

Last week's sketch got one upped in a very big way.
By: David Bixenspan / February 12, 2017

Melissa McCarthy does a phenomenal impression of Sean Spicer for ‘SNL’

What are they gonna do when she isn't available going forward?
By: Jordan Freiman / February 5, 2017

The last thing in the world we need right now is a goddamn ‘Donnie Darko’ sequel

Director Richard Kelly is floating the idea. He must be stopped.
By: Drew Salisbury / January 27, 2017

The Oscars are finally not so white and it’s all because of you — the people of the internet

When ordinary people unite to protest discrimination, change can actually occur.
By: Aric Suber-Jenkins / January 24, 2017

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog barfs all over Trump’s inauguration

"I have a lot in common with Trump, actually. The only difference is the hand up my ass isn't Vladimir Putin's."
By: Maggie Serota / January 24, 2017

Title for ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ revealed

"Episode VIII" hits theaters December 15.
By: Brian Abrams / January 23, 2017
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