8-bit Tame Impala is some smooth listening

Who among us can resist an 8-bit cover?
By: Jordan Freiman / May 1, 2016

Sportscaster apparently fired for Prince tribute

Who would complain about this?
By: Jordan Freiman / April 30, 2016

Prince’s massive music vault reportedly drilled open

Now we just have to figure out who the music belongs to.
By: Jordan Freiman / April 30, 2016

Papa Wemba, African musician and style icon, dies on stage at 66

Video of the musician's collapse was taken during a live performance.
By: Drew Salisbury / April 25, 2016

Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ distracts from questioning gap between her fiction and reality

This time around the problem isn’t Beyoncé. It’s us.
By: Dianca London / April 25, 2016

Bruce Springsteen pays tribute to Prince with cover of ‘Purple Rain’

The opening number for The River tour has typically been "Meet Me in the City."
By: Jordan Freiman / April 24, 2016

Billy Gibbons talks about Prince’s guitar prowess

"Sensational is about as close a description of Prince’s guitar playing as words might allow," Gibbons said.
By: Jordan Freiman / April 23, 2016

Remember that time Prince kicked Kim Kardashian off the stage?

Kim Kardashian, thou art mortal.
By: Jamie Peck / April 22, 2016

Prince songs that made careers for other musicians

Some songs you may or may not know The Purple One had a hand in.
By: Drew Salisbury / April 21, 2016

Prince always made the album he wanted, often taking unexpected and unpopular turns

His creative process achieved a punk-rock level of not caring what anyone thought of the final product.  
By: Joel Freimark / April 21, 2016

Prince gave us the last great Super Bowl halftime show

And in case the whole shebang wasn't already perfect enough, it was raining throughout.
By: David Bixenspan / April 21, 2016

Someone died at Prince’s Paisley Park estate

No word on the identity of the person.
By: Maggie Serota / April 21, 2016

Limp Bizkit denies they’re playing secret 4/20 show at gas station

But isn't that just what they'd say if there WERE a secret show at a gas station?
By: Drew Salisbury / April 20, 2016
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