Lindsay Lohan reportedly causes nude fiasco at wedding

The actress said that she was drugged. …
By: Maggie Serota / August 28, 2015

Sharkmuffin get psychedelic by the pool in ‘Chartreuse’ video

"If you mess with Sharkmuffin, we'll drug you and make you play in our band."
By: Jamie Peck / August 28, 2015

Ashley Madison was developing a creepy ‘What’s Your Wife Worth?’ app

“Choice should be ‘post your wife’ and ‘bid on someone's wife.’”…
By: Maggie Serota / August 27, 2015

Duran Duran share ‘Last Night in the City’ featuring Kiesza

Glittery disco perfection.
By: Jamie Peck / August 27, 2015

Worriers party down in new video for ‘Chasing’

Watch as the band plays the coolest (and worst) house party ever.
By: Drew Salisbury / August 27, 2015

Morrissey expounds further upon Obama’s inner whiteness

Valid points terribly put.
By: Jamie Peck / August 26, 2015

Protomartyr shares ‘Dope Cloud’

Another uplifting song about the futility of everything.
By: Jamie Peck / August 25, 2015

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart release two Days of Abandon demos

Both tracks are characteristically great.
By: Drew Salisbury / August 25, 2015

Axl Rose once delayed a GN’R show so he could watch ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II’

He had to find out the secret of the ooze. …
By: Maggie Serota / August 25, 2015

The Weeknd buries himself in the desert in video for ‘Tell Your Friends’

A little bit on-the-nose, but I'll take it.
By: Jamie Peck / August 24, 2015

The goddess Grace Jones performs topless at Afropunk festival [NSFW]

The icon hula-hooped through "Slave to the Rhythm." …
By: Maggie Serota / August 23, 2015

Straight Outta Compton’s script originally included Dr. Dre’s assault on Dee Barnes

In the script, Barnes throws her drink in Dre’s face before he attacks her “flinging her around like a rag-doll, while she screams, cries, begs for him to stop.”
By: Drew Salisbury / August 20, 2015

Henry Rollins narrates trailer for new Savages album

He reads from a biography of Josephine Baker.
By: Jamie Peck / August 19, 2015

Professor to dress, live like David Bowie for one year

It's art! Or research? Or something?
By: Drew Salisbury / August 19, 2015
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