Fugazi and Devo, covered by a glee club

You really need to hear their 7".
By: Joe Veix / April 1, 2015

Kurt Cobain names Nirvana in new doc clip

One has to wonder what the world would have been like if he selected "Erectum" or "Fecal Matter" instead of Nirvana.
By: Joe Veix / April 1, 2015

Tool wins April Fools’ Day with ‘leaked’ track

Tool took a moment to poke fun at their notoriously long time between albums, offering fans a "leaked" track from their current studio sessions.
By: Joel Freimark / April 1, 2015

A hammered Vince Neil slurs his way through the National Anthem

Did he say "Oh the ramparts we washed"?
By: Stefan Sirucek / April 1, 2015

The most hipster Metallica banjo cover ever

This banjo cover of Metallica's "Enter Sandman" is actually pretty fucking metal.
By: Cher Martinetti / March 31, 2015

How most musicians die, organized by genre

If you're a blues musician, you might want to cut back on eating cheeseburgers every night.
By: Joe Veix / March 31, 2015

Azealia Banks transforms into Medusa, rides snake in ‘Ice Princess’ video

Banks is not afraid to be a boss bitch.
By: Jamie Peck / March 31, 2015

A map of every location in every Tom Waits song

If you click any of the map's pins, it expands to show song and album information.
By: Joe Veix / March 30, 2015

Smashing Pumpkins share video for ‘Drum and Fife’

Long live the nineties.
By: Jamie Peck / March 30, 2015

Jay Z set to unveil Spotify rival TIDAL

Jay Z is set to launch his Spotify-rival streaming music service, offering higher quality streams and more money for artists.
By: Joel Freimark / March 30, 2015

Coachella and Lollapalooza ban selfie sticks

Too little, too late.
By: Jamie Peck / March 30, 2015

Fred Thomas solo LP features Radiator Hospital, Andrew W.K.

His first solo LP is titled "All Are Saved."…
By: Drew Salisbury / March 27, 2015

Jamie xx shares video for ‘Loud Places’

It sounds (spoiler alert!) a lot like The xx.
By: Jamie Peck / March 27, 2015

Ben Stiller’s high school punk band Capital Punishment is getting reissued

Click through to hear some actually-pretty-good songs.
By: Jamie Peck / March 27, 2015

Madonna is done and her albums sales prove it

Madonna's "Rebel Heart" has posted her worst sales numbers ever, cementing the fact that she's well past a point of relevance.
By: Joel Freimark / March 27, 2015

First take: Ceremony announce new album via a duel track music video

Quite the change of pace for the Bay Area hardcore legends.
By: Kevin Camps / March 27, 2015

Brooklyn musician makes protest video in favor of men’s right to wear shorts

Who wears short shorts? FREEDOM WEARS SHORT SHORTS.
By: Jamie Peck / March 26, 2015

Ad-Rock confirms ‘hours and hours’ of unreleased Beastie Boys tracks

Ad-Rock stated that there are "hours and hours" of unreleased Beastie Boys music, and that he and Mike-D are working on a memoir.
By: Joel Freimark / March 26, 2015
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