Nev Schulman’s fiancée Laura Perlongo bares her pregnant belly on the VMAs red carpet

Perlongo walked the red carpet topless, wearing a jacket draped over her shoulders and pants.
By: Maggie Serota / August 28, 2016

Cincinnati high school keeps the memory of Harambe alive with football game tribute

A beautiful gesture from Harambe's hometown.
By: Jordan Freiman / August 28, 2016

Subway cricket woman might be facing charges

She also said she originally wanted to use roaches instead of crickets.
By: Jordan Freiman / August 28, 2016

Two men arrested for the shooting of Nykea Aldridge

Both men were on parole.
By: Jordan Freiman / August 28, 2016

Suspect arrested and charged for the murders of two nuns

The police have not said what the motive may have been.
By: Jordan Freiman / August 27, 2016

Trump cites a black woman being shot in Chicago as proof African Americans will vote for him

Every tragedy is a chance for him to say "told ya so!"
By: Jordan Freiman / August 27, 2016

Colin Kaepernick refuses to stand for the national anthem in protest

"I am not looking for approval. I have to stand up for people that are oppressed," Kaepernick said.
By: Jordan Freiman / August 27, 2016

Two nuns found stabbed to death in Mississippi

There is a $2,500 reward for any information that may lead to the arrest of their killer.
By: Sophie Saint Thomas / August 26, 2016

Woody Allen dismisses daughter’s abuse allegation as ‘tabloid stupidity’

Apparently claims by his own children fall under that umbrella.
By: Maggie Serota / August 26, 2016

Realtor caught having sex in house she sold day before

Police found them in one of the bedrooms "buffing the floors."
By: Drew Salisbury / August 26, 2016

Dr. Drew’s show canceled eight days after he concern-trolled Hillary Clinton’s health

Drew Pinsky questioned Clinton's health status. Now, perhaps coincidentally, he's out of a job.
By: Jacquelyn Gray / August 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton stands with Leslie Jones

Clinton condemned the hack the same day she put the alt-right on blast during her speech in Reno.
By: Maggie Serota / August 26, 2016

The WDBJ7 shooting, one year later

The CBS affiliate remembers Alison Parker and Adam Ward.
By: Brian Abrams / August 26, 2016

Judge from Stanford rape trial will no longer hear criminal cases

He could return at some point in the future.
By: Jordan Freiman / August 25, 2016
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