Eric Andre urges Instagram to #FreeTheNipple [NSFW]

Andre fights the good fight. With topless photos. 
By: Maggie Serota / October 3, 2015

Sheriff in charge of Oregon shooting deletes Sandy Hook truther video from Facebook page

The video claims that the 2012 shooting was a hoax.
By: Jordan Freiman / October 3, 2015

Doctors Without Borders hospital hit by US airstrike in Afghanistan

The airstrike was meant to target Taliban operatives.
By: Jordan Freiman / October 3, 2015

Rage Against The Machine’s bassist thinks ISIS is fake

Also, he's a moon landing truther.
By: Joe Veix / October 3, 2015

Seattle woman with prior nunchuck arrest charged in sword attack

She's working her way through all the Ninja Turtles weapons.
By: Stefan Sirucek / October 3, 2015

Jeb Bush on Oregon shooting: ‘Stuff happens’

Our next president?
By: Stefan Sirucek / October 2, 2015

Cosby may face criminal charges for drugging, assaulting 18-year-old

America's Rapist could go to prison.
By: Brian Abrams / October 2, 2015

Ben Carson joins Insane Clown Posse

Carson's recent comments reveal his inner-Juggalo.
By: Drew Salisbury / October 2, 2015

There’s only one right way to respond to gun violence

And it's never going to happen.
By: Drew Salisbury / October 2, 2015

Topless fans stalk Miley Cyrus at Fallon taping [semi-NSFW]

The two were emulating the pop star's exceedingly naked lifestyle.
By: Maggie Serota / October 2, 2015

I saw ‘The Walk’ and did not vomit

But it made me queasy. Because of 9/11. …
By: Brian Abrams / October 2, 2015

Watch a swarm of bees attack a police car after escaping a crashed truck

Because apparently bees really fucking hate the police.
By: Joe Veix / October 2, 2015

Woman faces 20 years in prison for vaping, flashing breasts on plane

It was the flight attendant's fault, she said.
By: Maggie Serota / October 1, 2015

At what point will Bernie Sanders be the candidate to beat?

When he's competing financially with Clinton, are her assumed advantages disappearing?
By: Drew Salisbury / October 1, 2015

Your daily Jeb Bush quote, as read by a millennial with vocal fry

It’s so hard to take him seriously when he talks like that.
By: Stefan Sirucek / October 1, 2015
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