Kanye West announced his presidential bid for 2020

Just skip to the 9:20 mark. …
By: Brian Abrams / August 31, 2015

Trump’s biggest competition in North Carolina? Deez Nuts.

Mr. Nuts could not be reached for comment. …
By: Stefan Sirucek / August 19, 2015

The Hulk endorses Bernie Sanders for president

Let's smash inequality. …
By: Stefan Sirucek / June 17, 2015

Curb your 2016 enthusiasm

There will be plenty of time to hyperventilate over gaffes candidates make and policies you don’t agree with.
By: Steve King / April 20, 2015

Hillary Clinton is your best/worst/only choice for president

Democrats have to fall in line and love will have to be manufactured.
By: Steve King / April 13, 2015

Ted Cruz says he stopped listening to rock music after 9/11

Because he "didn’t like how rock music responded."…
By: Joe Veix / March 24, 2015

Get excited! Ted Cruz is officially running for president!

As Democratic strategist Paul Begala said about the Harvard graduate Cruz, “he has the education of Barack Obama and the politics of Sarah Palin.”
By: Steve King / March 23, 2015

Majority of Americans support sending ground troops to fight ISIS

Americans would support another round of the War on Terror.
By: Liam Mathews / March 13, 2015

Fear and loathing 2016: Clinton and Bush edition

Seven years after we elected Obama, and we’re back to where we were in 1992. Fuck.
By: Steve King / March 11, 2015

Scott Walker compares unions to ISIS, hates America

Walker went all balls and bluster when asked how he would deal with ISIS.
By: Steve King / February 27, 2015

News anchor tells Muslim spokesman ‘get over yourself’

This segment about "Jihadi John" took a turn.
By: Marisa Kabas / February 27, 2015

Politicians just fucking love to swear

Let’s take a brief look at the best moments in the “most unparliamentary language.”
By: Steve King / February 24, 2015

Montana lawmaker wants to outlaw yoga pants

Montana is latest battleground in the war on women covering their legs in fabric…
By: Julia Carrie Wong / February 11, 2015

Medical group Rand Paul belongs to believes in a lot of bullshit

A medical association linked to Rand Paul is known for bad science and bad politics. …
By: Julia Carrie Wong / February 4, 2015

Gay couple bought JebBushForPresident.com

This should be a beautiful trolling platform for the next two years.
By: Alex Moore / January 29, 2015

Sarah Palin poses with ‘Fuc* you Michael Moore’ poster, complete with crosshairs

Sarah Palin: Elevating our national discourse since 2008.
By: Stefan Sirucek / January 23, 2015

Meet the one asshole in Senate who just voted that climate change is a ‘hoax’

Senate voted 98-1 that climate change is real. Let's take a look at the one douche still calling it a "hoax."…
By: Alex Moore / January 22, 2015

Obama would like us all to stop being such idiots

It's not our politicians who are idiots—it's us. We're slaves to the Facebook algorithm, and we vote idiots into office because we're addicted to making their idiot soundbytes viral.
By: Alex Moore / January 21, 2015
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