President Lazyass had a button installed on his desk to have his soda hand-delivered

Zero countries visited. Zero times he's had to get off his ass for a refreshing Coca-Cola.
By: April Siese / April 25, 2017

Trump signs totally vague ‘Buy American, Hire American’ executive order

More lip service from our blathering idiot-in-chief.
By: April Siese / April 18, 2017

Bush-era hawks are giving Trump some of his best approval ratings yet

As Steve Bannon's influence fades, a group of generals are moving in to steer the ship (bomb shit).
By: Drew Salisbury / April 17, 2017

Head of civil rights office: Affirmative action ‘promotes racial discrimination’

Candice Jackson has some batshit ideas and one awful country song.
By: Tosten Burks / April 14, 2017

China pleads with U.S. and North Korea to calm tensions

Rest of world awaits @realdonaldtrump's response.
By: Kenny Herzog / April 14, 2017

Putin is playing mind games on Trump to undermine U.S. authority, and it’s working

Donald Trump has managed to make Russia look like the reasonable party.
By: Drew Salisbury / April 12, 2017

Trump boasts about launching missiles while eating ‘the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake’

If it wasn't abundantly clear already, hahahahhah we're all going to fucking die.
By: Helen Holmes / April 12, 2017

The FBI obtained a FISA warrant for former Trump advisor Carter Page last summer

Page's communications were monitored for well over 90 days.
By: April Siese / April 11, 2017
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