Last night’s GOP debate was an out of control disaster

The crowd was so vocal during the debate that Google saw a huge increase in people searching for "why are people booing?"
By: Jordan Freiman / February 14, 2016

Jim Gilmore drops out of presidential race, a nation mourns

It’s a dark day in America.
By: Stefan Sirucek / February 12, 2016

Ted Cruz pulls ad after discovering actress appeared in softcore porn

Amy Lindsay appeared in erotic films and television series such as "Carnal Wishes" and "The Erotic Traveler."
By: Stefan Sirucek / February 12, 2016

‘People are dying. This is real. We need a president that will talk about it’

Bernie Sanders' impassioned campaign ad features Eric's Garner daughter.
By: Drew Salisbury / February 12, 2016

Marco Rubio cracks tooth eating Twix bar

Adding injury to insult.
By: Stefan Sirucek / February 11, 2016

Big Vape infiltrates Congress

The vaping lobby got to our representatives.
By: Drew Salisbury / February 11, 2016

Clinton’s superdelegate ‘advantage’ is not as important as it seems

Don't be scared by all those misleading charts.
By: Jamie Peck / February 10, 2016

Old rich people, but not women, voted for Clinton in New Hampshire

She may not be able to count on the demographics she needs to secure the nomination.
By: Drew Salisbury / February 10, 2016

Vermin Supreme heckles Ted Cruz with a megaphone

"Come out with your hands up and your pants down!"
By: Stefan Sirucek / February 9, 2016

No votes, No problem: Jim Gilmore soldiers on

Jim Gilmore is running for president.
By: Stefan Sirucek / February 5, 2016

Poll: Sanders tied with Clinton nationwide among Democrats

He also beat her fundraising last month by $5 million.
By: Drew Salisbury / February 5, 2016

Hillary Clinton will support abolishing death penalty once she’s forced to

Since 1976, one out of 10 people sentenced to death have been exonerated after evidence proved their innocence.
By: Drew Salisbury / February 4, 2016

DeRay Mckesson is running for mayor of Baltimore

The social media activist said a non-traditional candidate is needed to fix the city.
By: Drew Salisbury / February 4, 2016
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