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Trump changes the subject in meetings to ‘seem in control’ when someone brings up policy

A Politico story on his first weeks in office reveals a raw, fragile male ego.
By: Helen Holmes / February 10, 2017

During call with Putin, Trump had to ask aides what the nuclear treaty was

Officials are worried that the president might not know what he's doing.
By: Drew Salisbury / February 9, 2017

Veterans organization’s ad hits Trump where it hurts, debuting on ‘Morning Joe’

"You want to be a legitimate president, sir? Then act like one."
By: April Siese / February 7, 2017

Trump accuses media of refusing to report on terrorist attacks

"Radical Islamic terrorist attacks," that is.
By: Jamie Peck / February 6, 2017

Seattle federal judge grants a nationwide injunction against Trump’s Muslim ban

Washington state's AG and the entire nation just scored a big victory.
By: April Siese / February 3, 2017

Two senators want to make Mar-A-Lago’s membership list public

Seriously, who can afford that $200,000 fee?
By: April Siese / February 3, 2017

Trump’s labor nominee once got butthurt enough to sue a competitor over two stupid ads

Who could forget the "anus with a g" controversy of 2007?
By: April Siese / February 3, 2017

Rep. John Lewis endorses Keith Ellison for DNC chair

It's not over yet.
By: Jamie Peck / February 3, 2017

Where is my money, George Soros?

Did my check just get lost in the mail, or what?
By: Jamie Peck / February 3, 2017
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