Life From Above 2014: An interview with Death From Above 1979

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4chan users threaten Emma Watson with nude photo leak over UN speech on gender equality

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Chinese restaurant doesn’t ‘give a shit about gluten free’

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Cohen told a press conference in New York this weekend that he’d be celebrating his 80th birthday his first cigarette in 30 years.

It almost makes you wish people got into flaming high-speed car wrecks more often.

The Right freaks out over Saul Alinsky, but still doesn’t mind trying out his tactics for themselves.

In Malaysia, a male known only as “Ramli” had implanted the balls into his penis on his own, but apparently he did not take the proper precautions.

Denied’s mission statement is to ‘save your ears from Nickelback.

It’s a remarkable feat, given that we imagine being inside of an MRI machine is usually an inherent boner killer.

The trouble started after he injured his back.

Apparently in the 1980s there was an elite secret society of sober people who called themselves “The Chicken Club.

If the babies refuse to cry, the sumo wrestlers will scream in their faces.

The incident occurred back in March 2013, but only now has the footage surfaced online.

Waaaaaah! A woman said a thing and I don’t like it! She must be punished!

Until The Ribbon Breaks sound both totally of the moment and timeless.

As one of the true Holy Grails of music, the first of the duets between Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury has finally been released.

“It was really hard finding [a surgeon] that would do it,” the 21-year-old said, “because they’re breaking the code of ethics.