2014 is first year ever with ZERO platinum-certified records

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GOP House candidate will stop ‘big government tyranny’ with government sponsored religion

2 days ago in Politics

Scientist takes 50 homeopathic sleeping pills, does not die. Or get drowsy.

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Another taste of the forthcoming album Pom Pom.

100% fine with society “killing off” men like War Machine.

If we really are all going to soon be murdered by disease or terrorism, then let our deaths be this funky.

Led Zeppelin is kind of the BuzzFeed of classic rock.

At least their quest to create a modern techno-dystopia will come with an arch sense of humor.

Downtown Los Angeles is still full of surprises.

A YouTube mash-up takes a dump on Hans Zimmer’s basic score for “Interstellar.

Because nothing says “ethics” like taking a bribe!

Marcel the Shell has a new book out, “The Most Surprised I’ve Ever Been”—and that’s saying something, since we’ve all seen Marcel plenty surprised in some of his earlier work.

In the meantime, Lawrence, is dealing with the aftermath of a botched home invasion, harrowing stalking attempt and a chimney in shambles.

But what does it mean? Is it a metaphor for late capitalism? For Gamergate? For existential futility?

Hey, at least SF radio can still play Lorde’s new hit single “Push (Feeling Good On A Wednesday).

Though he blames it on “marketing” and being overplayed, rather than the fact that the song itself was painful to listen to.

After years of pressure from the music industry and some governments, Google has finally caved and altered its search engine to demote sites offering illegal media downloads.

Trent Reznor, looking like a young Republican.