Best new artists of 2014

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Texas plumber’s truck somehow winds up embroiled in Syria conflict

1 day ago in News

Is this a ransom email from Sony’s real hackers?

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Guess higher. No, higher. Hiiiiigher.

Next spring, students in the University of Pennsylvania’s Creative Writing Program will do do what college students do best: waste time on the internet.

Clearly, if there’s one thing that binds people together, it’s the common hatred of someone who subjects innocent bystanders to the site of their disgusting feet while trapped on a 6-hour flight.

It’s not yet clear why sharks are trying to eat the internet.

Finally a musical instrument that lets you make sweet music with the vocal cords of a weed-eating quadruped.

Amazingly, not every entry reads “has difficulty communicating.

Quietly shudder to yourself, knowing that these commenting poets could be your neighbors and teachers and peers.

It’s like bad date poetry.

The newest trend in panoramic photo warps.

Let’s wring this photo for every small amusement it can possibly provide.

I really fucking hated science until I read some cheap fucking memes about it.

Unfortunately, there’s no escaping the grim clutches of the internet.

It’s been a dark week for hot dogs.

It’s a real head-scratcher.