Trump supporter films himself busting into a church service screaming about #Pizzagate

The midnight mass crowd was stunned to say the least.
In News by Maggie Serota / December 28, 2016

Comet Ping Pong shooter pleads not guilty

Good luck with that.
In News by Jordan Freiman / December 16, 2016

Pizzagate gunman’s parents are pretty sure that he’s totally sorry

"We want to dispel those misconceptions so people will really know our son," said Terri Welch.
In News by David Bixenspan / December 13, 2016

Pizzagate shooter just got the internet which honestly explains a lot

He freely concedes that “the intel on this wasn’t 100 percent.”
In News by David Bixenspan / December 8, 2016

Trump team requested security clearance for Pizzagate conspiracy theorist

Trump directly ordered Michael Flynn's axing from the transition team after bad press.
In News by Drew Salisbury / December 6, 2016

Pizzagate crackpots are damaging a number of D.C.-area small businesses

"It's not just talk," one owner said. "Those are threats calling for action."
In News by Drew Salisbury / December 6, 2016

What the hell is #Pizzagate?

The latest right-wing conspiracy theory, involving pizza and pedophiles, explained.
In News by Jamie Peck / November 28, 2016