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Lady Gaga gets puked on in the name of art

At a SXSW show sponsored by Doritos, Lady Gaga enlisted the aid of "vomit painter" Millie Brown to spew what was presumably dyed soy milk all over her.
In Music by Maggie Serota / March 14, 2014

Twin Shadow play in a dumpster at SXSW

Austin, Texas is not like Brooklyn—there's plenty of space. Hipsters don't have to live in dumpsters. And they don't have to play shows in them either. But whatever.
In Music by Alex Moore / March 13, 2014

Update: Driver in deadly SXSW crash identified

Update to our original story: We can now confirm the identity of the suspect as Rashad Charjuan Owens, 22, from Killeen Texas, who is expected to be charged with capital murder charges and 23 counts of aggravated assault with a vehicle. It  has now become clear that he was attempting to evade a drunk driving stop at…
In News by Art Tavana / March 13, 2014

Google Glass ‘hate crime’ victim wants a free trip to SXSW

So that she can "educate" the public, or something.
In News by Joe Veix / March 4, 2014

Cloud Nothings reawaken my aggressive youth with nostalgic new single ‘Psychic Trauma’

Mom+Pop Music is consistently killing it lately.
In Music by Andrew Poitras / February 25, 2014

Swear & Shake get intimate with the festival circuit in 2013

SXSW > Shaky Knees > Summer Camp > GOVERNORS BALL…
In Music by Andrew Poitras / June 6, 2013

Portugal. The Man talks rebranding and streams new album ‘Evil Friends’

The band is set to release their seventh full-length album, produced by Danger Mouse.
In Music by Andrew Poitras / May 31, 2013

Did you miss Savages at SXSW & Coachella?

Goddamn this chick can sing.
In Music by Andrew Poitras / May 10, 2013

A few good reasons why you should love Japanther

(One of them is that Matt has a half-pipe in his living room.)…
In Music by Andrew Poitras / May 7, 2013

Trampled By Turtles, et al to headline Duluth Homegrown Music Festival

Only 2 days til Homegrown Music Fest; gonna be a wild one up norte.
In Music by Andrew Poitras / April 26, 2013

First Listen: Lana Del Rey ‘Young And Beautiful’

Lizzy Grant's single for the star-studded soundtrack to Baz Luhrmann's "The Great Gatsby" has arrived. The dramatic ballad is true to the "neo-classic" persona Grant's developed for herself over the last couple of years, complete with subdued keys, suspended-cymbals, and cinematic strings beneath her signature drone "Will you still love me when I'm no longer…
In Music by Andrew Poitras / April 22, 2013

Danny Malone’s new video for ‘Spiderlegs’ is how I want my life to be

If Beck-era "Sea Change" was actually written by Kevin Devine while he was high as hell and listening to a lot of Fiona Apple, he may've been Danny Malone.
In Music by Andrew Poitras / April 15, 2013

MS MR drops new video for ‘Hurricane’

Lizzie & Max right back at it again.
In Music by Andrew Poitras / April 11, 2013

First Listen: Glam.I.Rock ‘Feel’

2013 will be the year of Glam.
In Music by Andrew Poitras / April 10, 2013

Interview: Cold Cave

Things are finally looking up for Cold Cave's driving force.
In Music by Andrew Poitras / April 5, 2013

Watch Ex Cops rock Texas super smooth like only they can

When you think of Ex Cops imagine Fiery Furnaces with some haze, or Mates of State without the gloss. Do not think the Eurythmics.
In Music by Stephen Blackwell / April 4, 2013

Video premiere: The Lovely Bad Things’ ‘Fried Eyes’

Burger Records can't stop won't stop.
In Music by Andrew Poitras / April 4, 2013

Paramore covers Alt-J?

Didn't see this one coming.
In Music by Andrew Poitras / April 3, 2013

Watch Death Grips’ full set from SXSW

Watch Death Grips earn their reputation as one of the most explosive live acts to pop up in years.
In Music by Alex Moore / April 3, 2013
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